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स्बामि आनन्द अरुणले देखेको अमेरिका
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 About the Swami, Osho disciple Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun is the co-ordinator of OshoTapoban – An International Commune and Forest Retreat Center. He is an spiritual teacher, a strong orator, a respected engineer, a celebrated Nepalese writer, and over all these things a very simple man.

Swami Arun works with people as an Osho meditation camp facilitatorand has touched many lives. So far he has helped thousands of peopleand has already conducted more than 600 meditation camps in Nepal, USA, India, Japan, Malaysia, England, Germany, Italy, Czech, France, Switzerland, Canada, Ukraine, Russia. He has also initiated about 65,000 people from 80 countries into Osho neo-sannyas and has initiated and inspired 83 Osho centers in Nepal and 50 in other countries. His undying efforts to spread Osho and his message have today culminated into five active Osho communes in Nepal.
Swami Anand Arun has helped drug addicts, depression patients and his approach is based upon meditation, love, understanding. He ignites the hidden divine potential of everty individual and inspires the devotion. It’s even surprising to medical practitioners and psychologists how people with such problems come out clean from such a free environment as Tapoban where no medicine or clinical methods are used to cure these patients. Swami Arun also conducts Stress Management classes based on Osho vision for high executives, businessmen and officials of the Nepal Government.


For Swami Arun, the greatest human gifts are love and freedom. On the basis of this, he has developed many meditative communities all over the world that are based upon Osho vision where love and freedom is of the highest value and individual spiritual growth is given priority.
On 29th March 1969, he first met Osho and later took initiation from him in 1974 in Poona. As instructed by his master he returned to Nepal and pioneered the Osho movement in Nepal by opening Asheesh Rajneesh Meditation Center at his residence on 21st  December 1974, the first Osho Center in Nepal. Later in June 29, 1984 Osho titled him as Acharya and Bodhisattva and later in November, 1986 declared him as the Director of Meditation and Spiritual Growth at the Rajneesh Mystery School.
Apart from being a meditation facilitator, Swami Arun is a goodwriter and has two bestselling books in Nepali to his credit, Santa Darshan and Antar Yatra. He is a frequent columnist in major Nepalidailies and magazines and has also given many beautiful programs about Osho vision and spirituality on National and International Television and International magazines. Recently Swami Arun also opened the first Osho School of Music, Laughter and Arts where people from all over the world can come and learn, share and express creativity in a meditative and liberal environment.
Swami Anand Arun is a true devout and lover of Osho. His undying love for the master, his simplicity in life and his compassion for everyone are his true gifts that have given birth to beautiful Oasis of Osho around the world.


In his own words which reflects his true spirit, “I am only a seeker on the path and I am honored to be Osho disciple. And I don’t need any other adjective other than that. I am only an ardent lover of my master.”

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