Posted by: bittertruth May 29, 2012
aaja yo naulo kuro padna paye facebook ma
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Sooner or later, India will swallow Nepal if ppl keep acting like this.
Right now, Nepalese are having difficulties in getting everyday basic necessities,
sometimes soon, they'll be succumbed to starvation and then mark my word,
what India would do.
All industrial activities are crushed due to load-shedding, people don't respect eachother anymore,
students don't count teachers anymore, children don't give a damn about their elders and parents,
law or legal insitutions are there only for name, criminals are walking on the street at their freewill,
this wild time of savages is unbelievable. Nepalese are turning themselves into half-baked uneducated
hoodlums of morons and idiots. I don't really think they're 'sojho' anymore. They're plain stupid
borned to be ruled by higher power.
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