Posted by: bittertruth April 17, 2012
ब्रोहरु ३६ हान्दा दाहिने हात कि देब्रे प्रयोग गर्छ ?
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chor bdr bro, I don't know how old you are but mostly I'm a self loving person, I greatly take care of my body, I bodybuild and leave no part leftout. I eat healthy and I've definite set of time of work to maintain my health.  I feel proud for what I am and it's not that I'm into 'nilo chalchitra' as you are referring to. I practice solo tantric sex, it's a path to ecstasy and it's exhilirating. I feel more energetic and recharged after every session. Unlike many of you who do it more for short-term pleasure, I extend the moment till my heart's content. It's a form of practice as well. Many of you doesn't matter old or young, are covered with these social layers of decency and certain rules, who don't really want to come up and admit your sexuality, it's because you think it's losing your decency. I don't feel that at all. Self-pleasure and my sexuality is yet another aspect of me being me to comprehend my overall connection with my divine higherself. Just like eating/drinking, self-pleasure is yet another demand of our physicality. In my opinion, it opens the doorway to the divinity. It's a glimpse of what you can have all time uninterrupted. You can try it and stop being 3-10 minutes guy and be the commander of your own body, lenthening the experience till hours or as per your wish. Doing things in the comfort of your room and your loneliness shall do no harm to anyone. Don't go running naked outside as it'll surely raise eyebrows and you'll be looked at as some psycho maniac.

Being healthy also means being mindful and free of depression. And, self-pleasure sometimes makes you stress free if you are really on it hence assisting you to lead depression free life. Overall, esp for men, it reduces the chances of prostate cancer by huge percentage. Unlike many masturbation myths, it does no harm to you rather brings in many benefits.

Say hello to yourself and love yourself :D 
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