Posted by: NepalBitich April 10, 2012
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that's just my suggestion that people like Mr Khadka and other missonaries whose intend is to convert nepalese into christinaity 
should be bar from entering nepal. that's just one of my method. of course i could list several ways we could combat these
conversion. if you have any idea, ways to do it you are free to jot it down.
Now Mr Khadka thinks his adopted religion is superior and goes onto attack other's faith. do you know that bible states that beside jesus, other gods should not be worshipped.
"Christianity regards other religions and temples evil." -Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D

now tell me which religion teaches us such moral concept to condemn other's faith. isn't this pure racism by white supremecist
that by embracing jesus is the only way. Mr Khadka has been brainwashed and if i can meet him oneday i hope to change his mentality.
Mr Khadka is a opportunistic person...........he may have forget his root, forget his culture, forget his motherland but he shouldn't be doing this kind of unethical works. if he wants to help poor nepalese i have no objections. but he should keep away his religion.
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