Posted by: nayapidi April 10, 2012
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i never said that adopting christianity will lead to development, nor have i suggested that S Korean developed becoz of Xtrianity. 

look at south korea. 10 years ago Zen Buddhism was the native religion of the korean people. today christian missonaries has destroyed korean religion and gave them false releigion of jesus: this was your statement. 

but anyway talking about lil knowledge, where did you learn that a person should be sent to prison or should be banned from entering country just on the basis that he is practicing on what he believes. if you have guts why don't you go preach for whatever you believe in.

Believe me when it comes to preaching, I am the one who hates the most, but i don't go public and B**** about it like you are doing. Like i said earlier, think out of your box, this world is too beautiful. Also whats all these hatred about NRN's, what do you have against them? (do you even have valid reason, or is it complete ignorance?)

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