Posted by: NepalBitich April 9, 2012
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lol you make my day. you are saying that s.korea became develope country because they embraced christianity while n.korea became what it is now because they did not embrace christianity.
are you implying that if nepal embrace christianity that nepal will become next USA.....ahahahaha!
my friend it's not religion that bring development to a nation. it's leaders.
if you imply that religion is the answer to nepal's development then i say that hinduism was the root cause of misery and downfall of nepal. do you agree with this statement?
if you watch the first video, Mr Khadka said "poverty is so bad here". so that Mr Khadka, NRN, self-convert christian is saying that poverty in nepal will be gone if nepalese embrace jesus.
i think nayapidi and Mr. Khadka has the same view of the world.

do you know or have any knowledge of religious christian doctrine known as the "Doctrine of Discovery"?
well if you do not i do. little knowledge is dangerous my friend.
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