Posted by: nayapidi April 9, 2012
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 nepalbitich, i don't know what your name means but you are talking all BS. and this thread is nth but a bunch of crap. there is nothing we can do anything to stop him and nor any rights. he is just practicing his religion. and BTW what has hinduism done so far. 

you talking about S korea turned into christian. look at difference. N Korea still is where they are..everybody hates them. S Korea now imports labor from our country. I am not taking sides or anything, but you should have the right to practice your religion. Doesn't matter how it is done. Atleast they are giving hopes to this children. they are educating them, or watever. 

And whats with so much hatred for NRN's. They are nepali after all. 

Mr.Khadka should be arrested and put in bar,  he shoudl be banned from entering nepal unless he has good reason to do so: seriously?? and on what basis?? lets hear plot:

plaintiff(nepalbitich): your honor, i am initiating this case against Mr. Khadka and want him behind bar or banned from re-entering the country. 
judge(looking all confused): go on
plaintiff: your honor this guy committed a serious crime to preach or practice his religion in our country..

morale: nepalbitich is stupid and ignorant moron. dumbass, come out the box and think out of your thinking capability. this world is too beautiful to hate and doesn't want haters like you.

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