Posted by: NepalBitich April 9, 2012
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That's where you are wrong. Hinduism do not made this discriminatory law. It was the work of a Priest call Manu.
Priest Manu wrote the discriminatory law that led to the fall of of Hinduism.
Another thing. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal and his teachings was about compassion, torelance and equality.
That's the reason on why Hinduism survived in Nepal even with the discrimnatory custom, practices and rules that have embedded in nepali society for 1000+ years because people learn to be torelant and compassion.
And so in the 21st century, christian missionaries are taking advantages of Buddha's virtue of torelance and compassion which nepalese are acustomed to.
To safeguard nepali culture, religion against christian crusaders, nepalese need to soften their attitude of torelance and compassion and become harder on missionaries.
Again 3 situation favors Christian missionaries work in nepal.
1. Hindu's discriminatory rule (caste system)
2. Buddha's virtue (compassion, torelance)
3. poverty and illerate nepalese

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