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A Nepali under US Federal Investigation
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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Washington, D.C.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation has released information this morning on a high profile investigation of a person of Nepali origin. According to unnamed sources within the FBI, the investigation started with reports of illegal and immoral activities carried out by the individual. Some of these activities include lying to authorities, which is a Federal crime in the US. It has been also hinted by the Department of Homeland Security that some of the paperwork used by the individual may be fake or altered in some way or form.

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI have already started laying the groundwork for retreival of this individual to prosecute with full force of the Federal Law as deemed by the constitution of the United States patriot act, which includes deportation after serving upto 20 years in prison.

Anyone with information leading to the individual will be rewarded upto a maximum of $100,000.00
An FBI informant has released a link to the profile of the perpetrator. If anyone has any information please contact asap.

The profile of the person under investigation is available in this link:
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