Posted by: magorkhe1 January 29, 2012
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SIS साउ संग ब्याज आए पछी त्यो ब्याज को माउ संग Married Filing Jointly  फाइल गरे  पछी with one child  ३६००० सम्म Earned Income भए, त्यो Earned Income Credit  पाउछ किन तर्साएको ?

That is the only beauty marrying a  women with child, chunk of money for Earned Income Tax Credit . If you have 3 or more you can get up to 5700 and 1000 child tax credit for each child.

9 9 9 9  Refund  as Mr. King has advertised in his campain

. Upto $9999 as per H & R Block .

Enjoy it.
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