Posted by: default061 January 16, 2012
help me forget my girlfren past
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 Virginity is not a  matter of dignity but lack of opportunity . 
And if you think it is matter of dignity , you lost it all by almost screwing your own cousin.
Ever thought of giving it a shot, and if she is virgin , marry her otherwise, leave her as it would not be her first time anyway.

You went through her personal email and faked email which is totally stupid . I dont think she will ever trust you like before.
If you really loved her, you must be able to ignroe these stuffs. 
what do you expect from her actuallly?
virginity? you can seal the broken hymen by doing simple cheap surgery if you despearately need it.
lovely  life partern?- I think you have one

If you think you can leave her, then go for it , dont confuse yourself. But keep in mind that the next one you get can be a whore but lying to you about her virginity untill yu fk her or marry her.

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