Posted by: BABAL Khate January 11, 2012
यस्तो संबिधान चाहियो |
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Or any ? 

Since we are discussing all options, let us put this one on the table also. What are the pros and cons? 
Maybe we should do a SWOT analysis of both.

The question is not which system is better. The questions is: which system would be better for Nepalese at our current level of maturity, education, enlightenment, laws, media power, etc as a nation. 

In the long run, once Nepalese are mature, educated, enlightened with strong laws and a trust worthy media, American democracy would be a better model. 

But for now, Chinese-style Autocracy seems like it may be more important, just so we don't lose the nation. 

Chinese Autocracy versus American Democracy:
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