Posted by: Homeyji October 18, 2011
What's in your bucket list?
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I saw people's bucket list about meeting President Clinton. I had the amazing good fortune to shake his hand in the last year of his presidentship. It was by shear luck. I happened to attend the Presidential Golf Tournament in Virginia because a friend of mine could not attend it. He gave me the tickets. I got to see some of the top golf players in action, including Tiger Woods.
The highlight of my day was when I was standing around near the Presidential motorcade. Secret Service men all over me. Then Clinton started to walk towards his car. I was standing there in with a small group. And a few people started calling out, "President Clinton, President Clinton." The president turned over and started walking over us. Secret Service people were all around us. I was the only brown person there. I had two secret service people really close to me.
He started shaking hands. I extended mine. And right there, President Clinton shook my hand. I was thrilled. I was amazed. I respect Bill Clinton a lot. I always knew he was tall. But his skin was kind of hanging off his chin. But I know he was going through a lot of stress at this time. This was when his popularity rating was one of the lowest with the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal.
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