Posted by: BannedUser October 15, 2011
What's in your bucket list?
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 Role_model, are you expressing your desire and aims of your life or sharing your bucket list? 

Detoxg, You probably have the most achievable bucket list albeit I'm not sure Roger Federer will make it to the final of US Open next year or in the future. 

Kings of Leon are pretty amazing. I wish to see them perform too. 

Grace, I don't think you really need more than a month to see Europe. I get what you're saying but do you really think that a person needs more than 5 days to 'see' NYC? Same about Europe in my opinion. I envy your experience though. I was fortunate enough to go to Europe while in High School and boy, didn't I love Germany! 

While we're at it, if someone is serious about taking a road trip to Europe or Alaska sometime next summer, feel free to hit me up. 
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