Posted by: khoi_k_khoi_k September 22, 2011
आतंकवादी बाबुराम भट्टराई लाइ कालो झन्डा देखाएर बिरोध प्रदर्शन
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GT bro,

I have huge respect for you, based upon previous post. But here I have few questions for you on this matter

Wasn't Baburam a terrorits ? Didn't his party member killed innocent people? Recently, didn't he took the decision to withdraw all the criminal cases cof crime during Maoist insurgency and Madhes movement ? Was that the good decision

Why there is huge hue and cry if somebody want to excercise their right "first amendment freedom of speech". Aren't they in america, where everyone is free to follow their own ideology, what they believe.

Why to call them "ए बुद्दी नभएका बज्रस्वाँठ" if they did not agree with you

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