Posted by: Khairey September 18, 2011
Earthquake already predicted, check this
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Oh yes, I checkd it. They have the forcast for this exact day. But I want to know how many of them have gone wrong as they have so many in the list?

Tibetan Plateau and Himalayan Region*

includes cities like Kathmandu, New Delhi, and Islamabad
New zone
within ≈900 km of a Tibetan center located
at Lat 32.28 Lon 81.98
*Forecasts for this region will be for the largest earthquake expected in the FULL lunar month
(FM + NM periods).

expected about Sept 18+/-3 days
(posted 0658 hours 14th Sept)

This forecast is for the largest quake expected in the full lunar month between Sept 12 and October 11.
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