Posted by: Nas September 12, 2011
Nas is the God!!!
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Thank you all for your tremendous support and admiration.  I really don't deserve it but I would like to really appreciate it you know.

Here is the thing.

First, the number of Sajha registered users have spiked up.
Second, the number of Sajha users online at any given time has peaked tremendously in the past few weeks.

So one could only second guess the demand of this site for many reasons. Keep this mind for a while.

Many people out here in Sajha has literally taken the words  "Nas is the God" as to be real. You really need to go beyond it's literal meaning but most of these fools here lack the intelligence to decipher it's true meaning. I don't blame their lack of knowledge. Many of these virtual creatures are newbies and I love to have them in Sajha. Their controversies only help Sajha. Believe me.

I have metaphorically tried to decipher the meaning of "Nas is the God" with me being the virtual Krishna of Sajha Sansar and the illusive "Raas Leela" that I play here in my Sansar. Remember Nas is Krishna and Sajha is his virtual Sansar. He comes once an age, plays his "Raas Leela" and disappears.

Does that ring the bell ?

There is an eternal sixty four thousand dollar question looming which no one has been able to decipher !

What is that question ?

Is Nas is equal to $@# ?

Is this all his great virtual cosmic play ?

Let the mystery remain.

But my purpose has been attained here.

Last but not the least, always remember.....

It's not personal. It's only a business.

Always was.

Always is.

Always will be.

I am so away  to my "BaikunthaDhaam" !!

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