Posted by: AdaptiveRajat September 12, 2011
India's Nepal Oven ? WTF
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This page, this discussion has been FULL OF MISINTERPRETATIONS whenever I have tried to say anything.

Somebody imagined my friend, owner of this restaurant 'must be greedy'
- I repied saying I don't think so - 'because owner is very generous of not charging me for appetizers(that have cost against them in Menu)/naan sometimes out of friendly gesture.'

- People started saying he gives you papad and chai... something something... and turned the direction of discussion itself. Wasnt it proved with enough points that he doesnot seem to be greedy - and thats it, If I see him twice a week comapred to someone sitting somewhere else thinking he MUST BE greedy?

Then this guy finds it unusal that owner has SENT an Indian to defend.
You know what I feel??
I think it is sad.
It is sad that I have to do this for my friend, because for me humanity and kindness is more important than thinking 'Oh I am Indian, you are Nepali and he is Nepali." This is not right way to think.

And nobody sends anyone. No one is a puppet who'll be sent to do things.

Owner said he wants to do a happy and healthy business but his fellow country men told there was problem in restaurant name.
"I am not that well educated, did you find something odd?" I said "no I didnot, whats wrong?"
Then he told me about the misplaced apostrophe in banner (by the way on his delivery van there IS NO apostrophe and the name appears as "India NEPAL Oven") I can post a pic of it next time.

Well so I thought I 'll come and talk to people who are trying to harm my friend's business.

ok, to answer some more cool minded people's concern here:
I told you guys I 'll go and talk to owner about what all you felt. Here is the update:
I went to the restaurant at lunch- friday.
A lot of you have said very bad about my friend, and that he must be dumb and lot of other bad words,
One truth that I did not mention openly yet is:
Owner actually is not so much educated as you people. He doesnot know to use computer also that well.
I am feeling very bad right now that I have to talk like this, so low, about a nice person, but I think you people who have so much hatred, you should know whom you are calling bad names.

He came to USA and worked as a chef in some Indian restaurant for 5-7 years,
now with some little money he has managed to rent this restaurant and build his own rapport, thats why he wanted to Add his nation's name NEPAL to a Indian restaurant franshise chain 'India's Clay Oven'. He doesnot understand language (even Math!) so well.
If You don't believe this, again, I will give you 2 options:-
1. Go meet him!! See yourself.
2. I can not help you! I am already embarrassed to say things like this for my friend in public.

He never thought his own people wont like it, because there's a grammatical mistake in the banner.

He still feels sorry for it and said he will change it sometime in future when possible.

On this lunch discussion, again, he did not let me pay for my lunch because I have been trying to help him - please you people and apologize.

I think this should be good and solved now, if anyone still has more reasons to hate things I am sorry I can not help. May be again after somedays for my friend's sake I will take that pain again to answer hatred.
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