Posted by: PaulinaDidi August 4, 2011
India's Nepal Oven ? WTF
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jhigatigare-- It is really unfortunate that the young people think being patriotic doesnt make sense for people coming from poor countries like Nepal. In their heads, it appears that pride and dignity in one's nation equals not listening to music of other cultures, enjoying other cuisines and liking other people's arts and cultures.

Our sovereignity and national pride for being a nepali doesn't mean we must stop eating indian food, just as much as we don't stop eating mexican food or chinese or american for that matter.

However, Yes, indeed, I am very offended by this restaurant's name because why on earth would someone call their restaurant their business naming Nepal as a possession of India--what on earth is India's Nepal Oven-- sounds like Bharat ko Nepali Chulo?? Doesnt even make sense!!!

May be he is trying to hint that the food served is both Indian and Nepali, but clearly, the owners do not speak English well or they just dont knwo what message they are giving.

Anyway, I want to emphasize to our arrogant and somewhat ignorant kids who come here and work for indians, that despite working for indians, you can still be proud of to be a nepali..and when you are capable of doing something better for urself like having ur own restaurant, please, make us all nepalis proud of you.

If Indians stopped with the mentality that being ruled by the British took away their desire to be free, they themselves would have never attained independence. Just because our current situation is poor and needy doesn't mean we sacrifice every bit of our pride and hope for the future. Please don't think pride and dignity are only for the rich few or the indians themselves...there is a lot we can still be proud of---for example our mother Nepal allowed most of us a space to be born and allowed opportunities to come to US or elsewhere..We must always be proud of who we are even if our fate has us working in an indian restaurant or a gas station.....................

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