Posted by: jhigatighare August 4, 2011
India's Nepal Oven ? WTF
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I am not interested in creating a riot either. I am just spreading the word so that we collectively can create the restaurant owner ethical pressure to change the name with not misleading connotation involving our country's name. I have reached out to the restaurant manager and given my message. Realized that my voice alone is not enough to make them change their mind. That's the reason I am appealing all nepalese on sajha to create a collective voice to give a bigger message to the owner. I am not against any individual with regard to their personal views about country, nation and patriotism. I know what is right on my part that I can contribute and think this is the least I could do. No offence at individual level to anyone on the statements I have made. I am presenting things in generic terms to reflect direction that mass population has taken in the past and what is being followed now.

If you are concerned about the name, give the restaurant a call or email them. If not, take it easy, you are not very much interested in objective of this thread !!
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