Posted by: busenitz July 12, 2011
We Nepalese need to watch this!
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All of us Nepalese in foreign soil need to watch this video and think about our fellow country men and womens. We were the fortunate ones and we are living a luxurious life here. You may not agree about the use of the word "luxurious" but yes we do have a far better life than the ones living back home. We left our country so that we can do something for ourselves but this video made me think "Is it worth it to fight for the pennies all your life so that you can drive a better car, have a better vacation, have a nicer home?" We Nepalese know our country is getting poorer and poorer every day and no body cares. No body does anything for the country and its citizen not government, not political parties, not foreign countries. We need to step forward and do something for our country no matter how small it is. Our brothers and sisters are struggling to live and cant even make it through. We are here working our butt off and being selfish. I do not appreciate the way I am living anymore (eventhough i have a descent life here). I dont think I can stay here and keep watching these kinds of news. My aim: If i can do something for the people back home no matter how tiny it is, i see a point to live here, otherwise I will go back to my country and struggle to improve somebody else's life. I dont think i can die with a guilt that I did nothing for my country when I could have done many things.
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