Posted by: Avi May 19, 2011
Back pain?
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The test was covered by my insurance so unfortunately I don't know how much it costs otherwise. I did a quick search and saw that you can do in-home test for $99, but I won't recommend this. Things like these should be done in supervision of a medical professional.

Since OTC (over the counter) supplement for 5000 IU Vitamin D doesn't need a prescription; I'd have recommended you to try this out on yourself for a month and see if the pain goes away; however again not being a medical professional, I cannot make that recommendation. Please consult a doctor in any case.

There are also some good articles on the web and printed materials (books) about Vitamin D deficiency and how it has become an epidemic. Vitamin D is actually a harmone and helps regulate the immune system.

If you want to be safe, go out under the sun as much as you can and take 2000 IU vitamin D. I believe I can atleast recommend this much.
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