Posted by: fun_guy March 5, 2011
Applying for Texas driver license, F-1 with a SSN
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Hi Rukdhell,

I got my driver's license in texas and i just wanted to share some of my knowledge on this matter. I hope they will be of some help to you.
I don't know about other states, but in texas they have two expiration dates on driver's license:
1) expiration of driver's license itself
2) expiration of temporary visitor status

I wouldn't care about the first but the second one is a real headache.
Youshould have at least one year on your I20 if your are student just for road test to get a license and at least six months on I20 just for renual. The expiration of temporary visitor status is the date specified on your I20.

For students who just want to extend their temporary visitor status in their license and the I20 period is less than 6 months, they might contact their international students office about their problem and they might be of some help (some of my firends were helped as the international office called the license office).

I hope this helps and all the best for your exciting life in texas.

BTW which university are you transferring...?
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