Posted by: purana kagaz February 7, 2011
56th Filmfare Awards 2011 - WATCH ONLINE
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 There are Two different kinds of Nepali people. One will pretend that they don't watch hindi movies at all nor they listen to hindi songs, but when you go in their car you'll find lots of hindi CDs and also while they can't sleep well,they would listen songs of Lata Mangeshkar, yet they say they don't like hindi movies/songs...Most of these people's dialouge will begin by hypocritic smile "Bro lai Hindi Movie mann parch ?, dhat maile ta hindi movie ahile samma hereko chaina"...I hate this kind of people.
No one can deny that fact that about 95% nepali people watch hindi movie/songs but they don't want to accept the fact.

There's nothing wrong with posting the link here in Why the fk do you post links of or any dhoti websites when you're in deep immigration sh!t ? why ? 

Why the fk do you need dhoti immigration lawyer in US ? why not Nepali lawyer ?

Why the fk do you join dhoti consultancy when you can't find a job ? Why not so called nepali consultancy ? ooops that doesn't even exist.

Why don't you say anything when people post in sajha asking about Dhoti consultancy ? 

Common mofos, answer my questions ! or stop whining !!
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