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56th Filmfare Awards 2011 - WATCH ONLINE
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@prina. Again, I don't want to be rude on you but you forced me to do that. You are scolding your own clan just to prove that we have to watch hindi movies. I am very sorry that you even don't have any kind of self respect being as nepali. If you are in US/Nepal, please please I beg you, Please leave this country and please please please go to india. You actually can do lot more better becaue I rarely saw a woman scolding their own clan just to prove her passion toward bollywood. I love your passion, your dedication which could cross any limits. Please please, I beg you. pleasedon't waste your time reading my comments because your time is very valuable to bollywood, You are the next big star . I want to hear "This year's best actress film fare award goes to Ms. Prina Maharjan" and I want see amitabh bachhan standing and clapping for you like above picture. aahh..I am so desperately waiting for that day. 
By the time you are reading this comment you might be thinking that why this guy is teasing me and you also might be thinking that "gosh,,these guys, they are so jealous of properity of their neighbors. Nepales are always nepalese. Cheap minded". You are wrong honey. Please Please I seriously want to see you in that stage. Please Please I beg you, please don't waste your time replying this comment. Are you still there reading this comment? aah..c'mon you have wasted your 1 minute reading my comment. Please don't do that :(

To All other sajhain, we are getting rid of a nepal ko boj and making her indian citizen. So please support me
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