Posted by: HarkeyG January 5, 2011
Internal Tourist in Nepal: suggestion please
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Hi friends,

I am goin Nepal after 3 yeras so I want to have some good time and memorable trip. Can you please suggest me some ideas? Thanx

Though I am surfing all the related sites in detail, I would like to hear first hand experiences.

- How much it costs for paragliding in Pokhara and if it includes pick up to the spot? I want to have quick and economical shot.

- Any other LUXURY Coaches to Pokhara and Butwal than GREENLINE? Ticekt price ( roughly )and the places to get.

- Can we go and get back in a single day for a BUNGEE JUMP at BhoteKoshi?

- Any good, clean and affordabel hotels in PKR around lakeside and Nagarkot, u wanna recommend? (Max 1,000 NRs per night)

-   Cool cafes/bars to hangout in Ktm/Pkr other than Himalayan Java and Jeans. And any sports bar showin Football, cricket live in big screen?

- Other places to visit while in Nepal???

Thnx friends.......
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