Posted by: rickts October 2, 2010
ITUPDATES, MN - Great company to work for
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I think, this posting is just a bad mouthing from a competitor company.
I got my H1-B & green card through this company. I been with this company for almost 8 years. If anybody need more info i can send my contact # and email to contact me either in person/email/phone.

I would encourage reader to check out themselves before they believe these kind of posting "
FRAUD ALERT!!! IT UPDATES, MN......".  Personally i believe if you are hard worker , good and sincere for work -- no body can stop you progressing.

This company has more than 100+ employee at this point and i believe without performing, you cannot sustain in the market.

More-ever, i know lots of people who took the training in QA , BA , informatica etc. and got the job. These people did not have any IT background.

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