Posted by: Comcast July 21, 2010
प्याला रित्याउं अनि गाला मिठ्याउं कि ?
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Here is it, as per your request. I know it's a coarse translation but I have tried my best to preserve the essence of your words....

Should I… ??

Should I empty those bottles or  flood your lips with my affection?

Or should I just obliterate the barrier between responsibility and humiliation?  

Addicted to your beauty obsessed with your youthfulness,

Should I just keep on drinking and make a bar out of the continuation?  

Your youth spills here and your splendor drips there,

Should I make a dam to turn back the river of addiction?  

Neither these eyes nor the body could fulfill the thrust,
should I just be your bangles so that it feels like incorporation?  

Not only I hoard sentiments, can also burgeon the seduction;
If you permit, should I just incite the fire of passion? 
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