Posted by: Rewire July 16, 2010
A Nepali Kills 3 in Housotn
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Pire Ji
"Recidivism" is an act of human nature. It has nothing to do with culture, countries and race.

More than 50% of drunk driver will repeat the offense again, some will do it again and again. It has been studied and documented. It's very lenient compared what really needs to happen since there is so much fatality related to it. All they do is take away your license and pay the fee. How's that not a good treat for "recidivism"? I've been drunk and drove my bike day in day out, even after being caught by traffic many many times( lots with giving bribe) back in Nepal. Everybody does that.

"Sex Offenders, pedophiles"-- their recidivism is proven by facts that they will repeat it again and again. In a perfect world, they should never be let loose, yet the law in the US allows them to get back to normal except to register with the city. How's that NOT a good deed from the part of the judicial system?
Guess what....Nepali people will do the same in those cases. The only thing that separated us from them---we do not have any data.
Same thing with murders and other serious crime. Some will stop and some won't. One of the most important thing that you're forgetting in this whole mess is- punishment is NOT only to reform but also as a payment (physical,metal or spiritual) to the victim for their loss. Put yourself in their shoes. How's 2 years in jail going to justify if your father was killed by your neighbor? Will you be fine with that?

I wondered if there exists any study about recidivism in Nepal
and whether there is significantly higher instances of recidivism in
Nepal because we send people to shorter jail sentence"

So it is all base don "I wonder"

Getting raw data and processing them is different matter"

To study about anything in the real world it starts with raw data (simple science), at least they have plenty in the US. Comparative analysis also brings biased view to reflect on the person's belief who is doing the study. It should be thoroughly investigated by people of the both nation for more accuracy. I do not rely on some guy's PhD paper, I need more than, few atleast.

So all and all, you're admitting there is no data to back your statement. Atleast the US has some "raw" ones. You have your rights to disagree (thank God for the Western Democracy) and I'll not fight with you over it (unlike in Nepal).But since most people posting here are on my side and you have no real world data to present, you should at-least be saying "I don't know, I COULD be wrong", at-least and NOT be so stubborn about it. Think about it.
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