Posted by: syanjali June 29, 2010
Illegal Virus makes you go hmmmm
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Go and you will find free or 5 dollars for various software after mail in rebate this week. 

I think it is the pop up from the AV security and made you purchase the software. How often you go to those restricted Red Zones? Do you watch movie on line? Download any things? May be the reason you got those viruses. DO you use firefox or explorer for web browsing? I guess firefox is better? 

One time a friend of mine asked me to take the battery off from the Desktop before I re-format and download the new operating software ( do not know if helps but followed as said?). Once you do that you should not be getting those pop ups. Did you disable pup ups?  I guess you did not. You did not have the anti virus in your system that is the reason you got that pop up. 

Which operating system you have? Vista  or window xp or window 7?

When you reload operating system, you must reformat the hard disk. 

I wished to use Linux never did it because takes time to be familiar with it and I do not have time for that and very much used to of Microsoft and hesitate to use new operating system, not even mac.
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