Posted by: ShaKEEn May 21, 2010
best city in Nepal
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all the things you described makes a city modern but does it make the best city in nepal? yes, regarding living conditions but how about social conditions. you can't have a city without a proper government because people are always dependent on others. but that doesn't mean we have to wait for the government, we can actually start by doing small things like waste management. cleanliness is key to success! think about it, how do you feel when you smell fresh air in the morning? yeah, thats what i mean. i think that you're looking at this city in a big scale, maybe that works if you're creating a new city from ground zero. but i'm assuming that you're trying to incorporate this things with the existing so you need to start looking at the social context in micro level if you want to create the best city in nepal. study human life from street to street, corners to corners, study everything! since people makes up the city, you need to focus more on them then the city itself. happy people = best city in nepal.
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