Posted by: pire May 2, 2010
लौ हेर्नुस्, चौधरी ग्रुपले आर्जेको प्रतिष्ठा ?
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Just because someone is accused doesn't mean he is guilty. I think we Nepali need to know this.यस्तो सस्तो हल्लाको पछि लाग्नु हुन्न. बिनोद चौधरी लाई राजस्थान हाईकोर्ट मा उपस्थित गर्र्याएर हामीलाई कही फैदा हुदैन. If someone wants to sue him, he has to sue in the court of the sovereign nation of Nepal of which he is a citizen.
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