Posted by: Jonny March 10, 2010
JFK Port of entry, is 2 hr enough for transit?
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Try not to bring any foods.  If the custom finds food they will start checking you bag which will take atleast an hour.  Last year on my way to US I found old Nepali couple on the plane.  They were on their way to visit their son.  Since they didn't speak any English, I helped them filling their I-94 form and passing the custom and immigration.  I didn't know they had some food (gundruk I think) on their checked luggage.  When the custom officer found it she started checking their luggage and asked them question on what was that.  I was trying to explain her but she said since I filled their paperwork my luggage needed to be checked too.  It took an hour for them to clear us by which time I've missed my connection flight and had to wait for 5 more hours at JFK.

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