Posted by: Sheetalb December 11, 2009
माँ र द्यो माँ हरु !
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So you think it is not doing any damage to our society? especially to women? Interstingly, these Bokshis never belong to higher class women, they are always very poor, marginalized people who people can easily abuse and it is very sad. And all these 'MA's make so much money breaking other's family, house, so many men leave their wives becasue some MA says that she is a Bokshi, etc so you think this kind of faith is not damaging our society...

I am sure there is some law now that you cannot blame anyone in the name of BOKSHI or anything else.Bad things happen to every person and every family now and then but blaming it on some other people is really not the way to go, i think the more you believe in such things, the more suspecious you become of people around.

Just my understanding hai are free to think what you believe is a free country after all

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