Posted by: Ahead_of_the_rest November 30, 2009
Taking a break means break up..
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Hey Huritatas bro,

It's a common phrase used by girls, if they are not sure what they really want. It happened to me as well.

My said the same thing and I gave her a space, after 2 months she came back and claimed how much she loved and missed me. We go back together. After, a year later we break up again.

This is a sign that relationship is not working. Even the time we were separated, she used to call me all the time and she used to show that she loved and cared about me.

I would say just give her a space or just break up with her. It's just going to get worst and worst in your relationship if you try to force yourself/her to believe that you should be together.

Everything happens for a reason bro. When I had to go through it, it felt like this is the end of the world. A year later I am happy that it didn't work, so give yourself sometime and I am sure you will look back and feel different than you are feeling right now.

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