Posted by: Nepal Tiger August 5, 2009
us army immigrant pilot program
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US army pay is not that great but when you count all the benefits it comes with it, its actually descent and higher over something like 40000-50000 K each year.

A. IF you are single, all family members in Nepal, you get 1600 dollars after tax cut, if you have a bachelor's degree, if not,, even lesser. But, no cost for medical insurance for you and the family (and its far better than most private insurance), no cost for food and lodging. Just guess how much you be spending on these items if you were to work for a private company?


B. If you  bring your family here or they already live in the States. It's great, You will be given 13-15000 dollars extra for each year to house and feed them.

C. If your unit and your deployed overseas you will get extra 300-500 each month.

D. If you think army sucks and you do not want to be with them after four years. The Montgomery GI bill entitles you around 1700-2000 every month for about four years, but you will have to be in the college or learning some vocational skill during that period (this is real and is the most coolest thing in the ARMY). Once you enlist you get at least 5000 dollars as bonus and family support aside from you salary. You get paid more if you join the ARMY infantry (i.e. combat troops)

E. About NAVY and AirForce. Its 3 times tougher to get in there compared to the ARMY. However, they will start taking people next year and only that year. Each of those branches will be taking 250 medical professionsl and 250 linguists ( I assume you qualify under this). But be watchful, army policy is to not to go in public about this policy (MAVNI), as this is test program and not regular.

F. You can still apply for the ARMY under Nepalese language catagory, but to be honest most quotas are already taken and there are only very few left. If you want to get, just rock the nepali language test and ASVAB (get aleast 90 on 100) to guarantee your position.

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