Posted by: Nepal Tiger August 5, 2009
us army immigrant pilot program
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             I just wanted to respond to some rumors about the Army's MAVNI pilot program.


        Army will take those foreigners who can speak one or more of 35 different languages  (good news is HINDI and NEPALI both qualifies). Its not 10000 quotas, its 1000 quotas divided among the linguists and Medical care folks.

About the US Army MAVNI Program, these are the facts: Please read them carefully if you are still interested, but its already little too late,

               A. Its a pilot program not regular, Won't continue next year. Its Called MAVNI.

               B. Almost all quotas are filled ( 600 language based & 400 Health care provider based )

                C. Hindi and Nepali qualifies as the Language. Hindi quota is already filled but they may take 5- 10 Nepalis by the end of the Year.

                 D. Should have lived in the US for last two years continuously but not with a maximum absence of 90 days or beyond in those years.

                E.Its a regular army jobs, those with college degrees but not associates, qualifies for the officers program after the boot camp.

                F. The USCIS will start processing your Citizenship as soon as you succefully enlist for the US Army jobs ( Your families as well )

                 G. The only places they are recruiting are in New York and Los Angeles, Las Vegas might start soon, but the slots are mostly filled so don't know

                  H. You have to commit 8 years ( 4 years of Active and 4 of Inactive) once you enlist. If you decide to quit, you will most probably loose your citizenship, if caught 2 years of jail and deported to your home country.

                   I. You get all the benefits of the US Army, after 4 years army will have to pay you 60-85,000 dollars for your and your families education.

                 J. If you get killed in Action or during training, your family will recieve between 500000-600000 dollars and your salary for at least 20 years.

                 K. If you think its too late, wait till next year to apply for the Airforce and NAVY MAVNI program. Both the branches are taking 500 foreign nationals each. HINDI will sure be one of those 35 languages but Nepali, I am not sure.

                  L. So far 11 Nepalis have successfully (including me) enlisted based on language preference. We, encourage more.

                  M. No matter what you are qualified for or even with the doctorate degree, you will just be a regular soldier (privates, E 4s and corporals) for the fisrt few years. Your chance of being an officer depends on your skills, education level and a little luck.


          This is prepared for all SAJHA users by one of the MAVNI enlisted soldier  born and raised in Nepal, with the help of Seargent Anthony Aure, MAVNI recruiter LA, USA.

                                                 I wish you good luck, feel free to comment. These are the facts!!


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