Posted by: Phatte August 4, 2009
us army immigrant pilot program
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Military gives housing allowance according to the state that you or your family is residing. There is 100% medical insurance for you and your family but you have to pay small amount of money for that. Nothing is free. Military is not about making money; it is about saving money, using all the benefits they are providing for you and your family, and serving this country. I did my 5 years and I loved it. I enjoyed it means, it does not apply to everyone. I have seen some nasty situations, still it is one of the best job in the world. Nothing is risk free. After you guys are selected from MEPS, you guys will be taken to the boot camp for 3 months (here they will change you folks to the military personal), after boot camp you guys will be taken to the school to specialize in your selective field (it is good to ask someone who is in the military so that you folks can decide which job to choose) and finally you guys will be back to your assigned units and do your job. Not all the soliders are deployed overseas, they will only deploy you if you or your units is needed overseas. Like someone said above, things changes in the military everyday, so the best way to know all the answers is to call the recruiter. Have a good one folks.
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