Posted by: database July 8, 2009
Where have all ‘stock experts’ gone?
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I am not an expert but always try to follow stock related thread for learning purpose..So I am daring to share my knowledge here..


      Stock market does not always go on uptrend..If it were,everybody would jump into market.As Warren Buffet rightly said: You can not have baby in a month by making nine women pregnant..It is all about timing and how smart you play in market to get in and out..If I were you,I would sell stocks on next week bounce.


Market cap of Heinz for 07/02/2009 was 11.2805B.


Closing price of Heinz for 07/02/2009 was 35.80..Multiply that with No. Of Shares 315.10M..You will get Market cap of 11.2805..


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