Posted by: spreadlove June 23, 2009
Nepalese Accent !!!
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TM, your information is hilariously informative. You have brought up couple of interesting analogies, like "eating water", its become a part of our culture now. Can something be done about it? at least for the future generations?, we adults are all doomed to choose the corrupted way but I think bringing awareness at this time would benefit our future generations. Every school and teaching institutions in nepal have to be regulated to be taught in proper way.

Dyamn, I really dont like the way an indian speaks english, but at least they have to be rewarded for discipline in correct pronunciation.  Many ancient hindi speakers may have had the same problems that we have now(my random guess), but gradual exposure and influence of urdu, english and lots of other languages in india might have shaped up urban hindi speakers to pronounce properly in today's context. Similarly foreign language exposed nepali speakers are also following the trend now. Language is dynamic and keeps evolving as you said but to choose and accept whats already proven wrong and to folllow the trend would be not so beneficial while we want to learn more. As sidster says

 "but my issue has been pronouncing the letters...regardless of what accents each country has they still pronounce the letters correctly. The initial sound of the letter is always the same." 

suggests a very strong point and should be paid heed upon.

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