Posted by: sidster June 23, 2009
Nepalese Accent !!!
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Thanks for participating on this thread actively and constructively.

When i originated this thread i was afraid to get few hate responses
back as some of us tend to associate English Language Skill as a
reflection of their intelligence. I have seen people trying to trying
to imply the level of their English language as the level of their
intellectualism and their wisdom. Our culture has directly correlated
English language with Education.

In my personal opinion, Learning English is nothing different as
learning Maithali, Newari, Hindi, French, or German. Of course these
other languages are not as popular and lucrative than English language
for us Nepalese but its nothing special than any other language. I have
seen Nepalese who are shy speaking broken English but never shy whatsoever to speak bad Hindi or Bad Newari, or even German or French.

After a boring speech above....coming back to the point


I agree with your sentiments. But the main issue i have with our
language, teachers, parents, and culture has was, if the DEVNAGARI
provided the letters such as S, SH, and SHA why arent we using it. If
we had vowels like e, ee, yi, u, oo, o, wo, in our Devnagari letters
why weren't we taught of those??? Why did the culture accept the corruption of speech?? Why did the teachers didn't bother to teach???
why didn't the parents raise questions????

Someone brought up the issue with English and American accents, again i
have no issue with the accents with an exception to some vowels among English speaking countries....but my issue has been pronouncing the
letters...regardless of what accents each country has they still
pronounce the letters correctly. The initial sound of the letter is
always the same.


I agree with you that Indians really do have better pronunciation than
us Nepalese, have you noticed how a Gore understands an Indian at the
first attempts but it takes him several attempts to understand a
Nepali. Indians have the pronunciation steps down. We adapt the the
local Accent Rhythm faster but we lack pronunciation skills.

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