Posted by: spreadlove June 23, 2009
Nepalese Accent !!!
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this thread is getting really interesting. I am very glad to learn that we actually are ready to take a step towards linguistic intelligence. In my opinion, optimal and correct pronunciation of letters display elegance, maturity and language discipline.  This makes you wanna express more with higher confidence, thereby presenting ourselves on an international arena with great enthusiasm.

I agree with dyamn on what he says about english being our secondary language, we naturally have accent problem. If corrected in childhood its ammendable orelse adulhood correction becomes really difficult. But I have to disagree with dyamn again when he says saying santi is nepali way. and saying shanti is an indian way. You can cross check asking to pronounce 'shanti' to any other language speaker. He/she will definately say शान्ती not सान्ती. Moreover, this defeats the purpose of having श in our own वर्णमाला. The very existence of श in our own nepali language has been ill-used and that misuse can't be called a nepali way in my point of view.

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