Posted by: spreadlove May 20, 2009
Tapai Lai ke Diyo Nepal le??????
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WE normally think that we come to America because there is nothing good to do in Nepal. Partly it may be true but underlying is even truthful reason for it. I call it desire to see advanced world, personal whim to experience freedom and a mere personal showoff saying 'see I have in foreign", a pride in itself.

But after coming over here, we come down to reality, grass on the other side iis always greener. WE then start bargain. WHY? why me?, what went wrong, my initial intentions were to get better life, earn lottsah money and feed more to my showoff. But opposite happens.

How can we blame our personal self then? Its self-humiliating, so we start to blame Nepal, a nice excuse which is easily sellable. Other's too will agree to it and you'll feel better about yourself by false assurance that this is actually becuase of pthetic situation of nepal. There are millionaires in nepal, there are happy people in nepal, how did they do manage to live better life? Cared for it?

Self-analysis is the best way to start with. Retro inspect on what you did, you;ll definatley find a point where you actually began to go wrong but you kept wronging and thats why you are here today where you are? there is a way out. DO the best you can do.

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