Posted by: shaq April 18, 2009
us army immigrant pilot program
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For the pilot program , Ny was given 10,000 recruits. It got filled so fast they added additional 5000. The program has been very succesful. Us army is considering of running the program in metro areas such as dc but it wont start until august but by then they might be exhausted with f1 status recruits.

Best way to get all the info is thru a recruiter in NY . Things change in army every single day . Whats available today might not be tomorrow.

IF you do decide to join us army , do a lot of research remeber you are going to be a soldier first no matter what your mos (militiary occupational speciality) Jobs title is . Thats why army are called soldier unlike airforce , navy or coast guard.

Good luck ,

If you need specific info ask me I will try calling in to recruiting center .

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