Posted by: PeaceSoul March 24, 2009
what do u think of hinduism as Nepalese
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I am hindu and went to church couple of times. I didn't like to drink Jesus blood and I stop visiting church on regular basic. I frequently visit church if I don't have temple around. What I believe is that any religious place is good because they talk about good thing. But I am hindu by birth and I could not find any religion close to hinduism.

I eat beef and hinduism does not stop you eating meat. See, if you talk about Ram or Krishna they eat meat in some form. I don't believe you can eat goat mean not beef. If you have watched Ramayan recently telecast by Zee tV you will see the truch. Before the Rawan time people used to eat cow. There might be scarcity of cows or milk at any time and people though not to kill cow for the sake of milk. Other then that I didn't see any reason why cow should not be eaten while you can eat buffalo (MoMo).

I eat beef visit temple frequently. I prey god. I believe in god. I don't regred eating beef at all. So, this is modified version of hinduism what I follow or hinduism before the time of Ram.

Whatever way you think, I love hinduism and there is noway I am going to change. If someone thinks that I am not hindu since I eat beef then I have nothing to tell that person. The hindusm I follow is the vesrion before Lord Ram came to India.


Cheers !!!

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