Posted by: Jesus Christ March 24, 2009
what do u think of hinduism as Nepalese
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Andy and Montou, know that ye shall be judge by the Lord on the judgment day for your faith upon his only Son. I am the light of the lamp, the Shepard of the sheeps and the only path to your salvation. Seek and ye shall find. My sons, you will be rewarded for your love. Sinners repent for rapture will befall on this earth before my Father brings Armageddon to wipe you sinners and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Oh ye vile creatures the Pagans, the idol worshippers, thee will be cast into the pit of hell for denying Christ and the Father in Heaven.

My sons Andy and Montou, you are on the path and in communion with the only Son of God. Curse upon them, the prostitutes and whores in the Vatican and the Luciferian Pope who is disguising as an authority on the Christians. The Illuminati Jesuits have infiltrated the Vatican. I forewarn you, ye seekers of truth for I am the Truth, Jesus Christ the carpenter from Nazareth.

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