Posted by: sedif December 1, 2008
Sustainability-Mirror in Nepal's Reflection
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Jay, that was a really well written article, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and agreeing to most of what you said.
On the topic of aids (first when you said AIDS i thought you were talking about the disease).
-with the current state of the economy, we can use all the help we can get. To me, the problem is bad governance and corruption. The aids should be have been used to empower the people (as in teaching them how to fish as you put it), rather its used to further their greed or political agendas.

On the issue of the army
- While I do agree that we do not need such a big army, I disagree on one point. You said the loyalty of the army has switched to whomever is in power. To me that what an army should do, in most cases. As that to me suggest the loyalty of the army is with the people of the country. Its the government that is at fault.
No matter how brave we or our army is, if we were to be attacked by either India or China, we don't stand a chance with what we got. I don't think you would disagree there.

Finally, on the topic on sustainability.
- We need a stable government. One that doesn't impose on impose too much on personal liberties and private entrepreneurs.
-What we need is a grass root development project to empower citizens.
- eg for the YCL, they need to be reeducated and taught vocational skills to make a diginified and comfortable living.
-Hold public official accountable and eliminate corruption.
-more transparency with aid money and any NGO, government, coorporation, etc
-absolutely no Nepal Bandahs, dustruction properties and tire burning
etc etc
and in few decades, maybe we wont have to be the ‘Begging Bowl of Asia’.

these are some of my own thoughts, and i am sure i fall short in many ways.

Yous was a great article, keep up the good work.
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