Posted by: kalopani June 29, 2008
Nas: An Open Letter to Priyanka Karki
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Friends, we often like to call ourselves brave Nepalis , but is it brave to pick on a 22 yr old girl trying to pursue her career just like any of us in the USA?I know you guys keep saying that she's a public figure and it's okay to pick on her . but please do not forget she's not a hollywood or bollywood public figure who has enough money to hire their bodygurds, spokespersons and what not. Those celebrities don't have to go out and work , ever in life. but, we are so awfully poor that even our celebrities have to go to other countries and work like any immigrant. So please give her a break. we're poor and helpless , let's stick together rather than being brave on picking on a girl.The girl is younge , she might have made a mistake.

i don't know what went in that University on that day. i wish that she had picked the Nepali song to represent Nepal than an Indian song. but honestly, i don't know what happened and i doubt if you guys know more than i do either. So let's be brave Nepalis we like to call ourselves and quit picking on a girl.



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