Posted by: walkahead June 27, 2008
Nas: An Open Letter to Priyanka Karki
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Hear this out! This may come to you as a shock but 22-year-old Priyanka Karki who won the title of Miss Teen Nepal in the year 2005 has now become someone's wifey. Hazy news of her getting engaged was not false after all, because now we have confirmed news of her tying the nuptials with a Nepali guy in his mid- twenties namely Rochak Mainali. 

Rochak Mainali also a student of the North Alabama University is undergoing his master's program. Priyanka, however is still doing her undergrads. 

The couple who got engaged at a private ceremony at their friends' house, legally bonded in marriage after signing papers in Alabama court.

As to why the young couple rushed into marriage, many have been guessing the reasons could be critical and its definitely kept confidential.  Priyanka who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday may be coming to Kathmandu this summer with her newly married husband. Boy, will she be a subject for Nepali journalist then.

As for us, we're just trying to make it a habit to call her by her new name.....Mrs. Priyanhka Karki Mainali.


check the pics.. in the pics she is cutting the cake of her 21st b'day and is posted in cybersansar as whateva priyanka getting married.. haha

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