Posted by: Nas June 27, 2008
Nas: An Open Letter to Priyanka Karki
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HomeBoi bro, I am sorry that this thread annoyed you but you would not understand  what it means to be a #1 diehard Fan unless you put on my shoes.

She is really huge back in home. She is a category 'A' celebrity in Nepal. She has been in lot of music videos, hosted lot of TV shows and played in many TV commercials. She was offered many big screen roles but she rejected it since she had to come to US for her studies. Big media houses are always after her for photo sessions and stuffs. Paparazzi are following her every moves in a hope to get that one scandalous shot. I heard even ex-princess Himani was so jealous of Priyanka's beauty !

Bro you are right. I am acting like a "childish teenager" but I am helpless you know ! There is something magical about Priyanka.

I am a self confessed diehard fan of Priyanka. That's all bro.

I think it's time to let this go of this thread. Since my dear Priyanka clarrified everything for us. How sweet of her !

Please read her thread "clarifying everything!!!! "

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